Virtual Acne Consultation


Step 1- Purchase your Virtual Acne Consultation,

Step 2- You will then receive an instant download of the form that needs to be completed in order for the Consultation to be successful. I cannot do the consultation without the completed form.

Step 3- Text us at 360-943-1700 with your name and desired date/time for a virtual meeting.

Step 4- You will be sent an email with Zoom Appointment to join.

Step 5- Join our meeting, and start getting clear skin!



You will have filled out a questionnaire prior to our Zoom Meeting. Together, we will go over that information so I know what products you have tried, what medications you have been on, any allergies or sensitivities you may have, so I can customize your program.

I will explain why acne occurs, and how this program is different.

 We will discuss your lifestyle and how it may contribute to your acne. This is specific to your situation, you are given suggestions based on your type of acne, your skin type and your lifestyle. It truly is a customized acne program. I will be making suggestions that you should implement if you want to see clearer skin. After we go over this, I will text you  information so you can refer to it at your leisure, and make these changes over time.

I will make skincare recommendations based on our conversation. You will be able to purchase them at the end of the appointment if you choose, and these products will be shipped to you  or you can pick up at our office ( tues- Fri 9am-6pm).