Hydrating Sunscreen


Hydrating Sunscreen- 2 oz

It has been formulated with a broad spectrum of sunscreens, including titanium dioxide, a physical block
sunscreen. Titanium dioxide is resistant to discoloration under UV light, which enhances its
stability and ability to protect skin from UV light. A broad spectrum of sunscreens allows this
product to offer excellent protection against harmful UVA/UVB and infrared rays to help prevent
sunburn and photodamage (which causes premature aging). Continued use may help reduce the
risk of skin cancer.

Non greasy, fast absorbing. Non-pore clogging. Great for clients with acne. Goes on white, leaves no color behind.


Hydrating Sunscreen

Featuring: Titanium Dioxide, PABA Free, Oil Free… is moisturizing and non greasy!

Directions: Apply products to all sun exposed areas. Gently massage into the skin for maximum absorption. Reapply after swimming or heavy perspiration, or every 3-4 hours.  For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use of signs of irritation occur. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Weight 3.1 oz

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  1. CE

    You can use barely use any of this product for the whole day and it won’t let you get burnt while also not clogging your pores…I didn’t burn at all.

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