Ingredients Inspector


Ingredients Inspector

Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol-4, Algae Extract-5, Algin-4, Alginate-4, Butyl Isostearate-4,Butyl Stearate-5, Carrageenan-5, Cetearyl Alcohol + Ceteareth 20-4, Cetyl Acetate-4,Cetyl Alcohol-3, Cocoa Butter-4,Coconut Oil-5,Colloidal Sulfur-3,Cotton Seed Oil-3,D&C Red #17-3,D&C Red #21-3,D&C Red #30-3, D&C Red #3-3,D&C Red #36-3,Decyl Oleate-5,Diisostearate-4,Dioctyl Succinate-3,Disodium Monooleamido PEG-2,Ethoxylated Lanolin-3,Ethylhexyl Palmitate-4,Glyceryl Stearate SE-3,Glyceryl 3 Diisostearate-4,Hexadecyl Alcohol-5,Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil-3,Isocetyl Alcohol-4,Isocetyl Stearate-5,Isodecyl Oleate-4,Isopropyl Isostearate-5,Isopropyl Lanolate-4,Isopropyl Myristate-5,Isopropyl Palmitate-5, Isostearyl Isostearate-4 ,Isostearyl Neopentanoate -3,Laureth 23 -3,Laureth 4 -5,Lauric Acid -4,Mink Oil -3, Myristic Acid -3,Myristyl Lactate -4,Myristyl Myristate -5,Octyl Palmitate -4,Octyl Stearate -5,Oleth 3 -5, Oleyl Alcohol -4,PEG 16 Lanolin -4,PEG 200 Dilaurate -3,PEG 75 Lanolin -3,PEG 8 Stearate -3,PG Monostearate -3, Polyglyceryl -3,Potassium Chloride-5,PPG-2 Myristyl Propionate -4,Propylene Glycol Monostearate-4,Red Algae-5, Sodium Chloride-5,Sodium Laureth Sulfate-4,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-5,Solulan 16-4, Sorbitan Oleate-3,Soybean Oil-3,Steareth 10-4,Stearic Acid TEA-3,Stearyl Heptanoate-4,Sulfated Castor Oil-3, Sulfosuccinate-4,Wheat Germ Glyceride-3,Wheat Germ Oil-5,Xylene-4,Talc-5,Algae Extract-5,Carrageenan-5,Chlorella-5,Coconut Oil-5,Cocoa Butter-5, Kelp-5,Lauric Acid-5,Shea Butter-5, Soybean Oil-5,Almond Oil-3,Apricot Kernel Oil-5,Argan Oil-5,Avocado Oil-4,Cherry Seed Oil-5,Corn oil-5,Cotton Seed Oil-5,Palm Kernel Oil-5,Sesame Oil-5,Vitamin A Palmitate-4,Aloe Butter-5,Almond Oil-4, almond oil-4, Retinyl Palmitate- 2, retinyl palmitate-2, Anise Butter-5,Meadowfoam Butter-5,Neroli Butter-5,Tocopherol-2,Glyceryl Stearate SE-3, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil-2,Steareth-10-2,Cetearyl Alcohol-2,ethylhexyl palmitate-5,Acetylated lanolin-5,Ascorbyl Palmitate-2,Isocetyl Stearate-5,Propylene Glycol Monostearate-4,Lanolin alcohol-4,cetearyl alcohol-2,Cocos Nucifera Oil-5,Camomile-2,Anthemis Nobilis-2,Matricaria Chamomilla-2,Anthemis Mixta-2,Chamaemelum nobile-2,Chamomile-2,Ormenis multicaulis-2,Roman Chamomile-2,Tocopherol-2, Vit E-2, Vitamin E-2, α-Tocopherol-2,Alpha-Tocopherol-2,Magnesium stearate-1, Stearic Acid-2,Methylisothiazolinone-5, Methylchloroisothiazoline-5, MCI-5,theobroma cacao seed butter-5,Octyl Palmitate-5, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil-2, Olive Fruit Oil-4, Squalane-1, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides- 2, Retinyl Palmitate- Irritant,Ascorbyl Palmitate-2,Palm-4,Myristyl Lactate-4,Beeswax-1,Brown Algae-4,C13 14 Isoparaffin-4,Capric Acid-5,Decyl Oleate-4,Dioctyl Malate-2,Green Algae-4,Hexylene Glycol-1,Hexyl Laurate-5,Irish Moss-5,Kelp-5,Laminaria- 5,Lanolin Oil-5,Myristic Acid-5, oleth 3 phosphate-5,phytantriol-4,sea grass-5,sodium carbomer-2,sorbitan laurate-3,sorbitan isostearate-4,spirulina-5, Stearic Acid-5,Sulfated Jojoba Oil-5,Water Soluable Sulfur-2,Jojoba Wax-3,Laureth-7-5,Lauryl Olivate-5,Myristyl Alcohol-5, Chondrus Crispus-5,Coal Tar-5,Coconut Alkines-5,Coconut Butter-5,Cotton Seed Oil-5,Polyglyceryl 3 Diisostearate-5,Sodium Choride-3,Seaweed-5,Shark Liver Oil-5,Solulan 16-5,Lanolin-5,Coconut Oil-5, acetylated lanolin alcohol-4, algae extract-5, algin (alginic acid potassium)-4, alginate (sodium alginate)-4, butyl isostearate-4,butyl stearate-5, carrageenan-5, cetearyl alcohol + ceteareth 20-4, cetyl acetate-4,cetyl alcohol-3, cocoa butter-4,coconut oil-5,colloidal sulfur-3,cotton seed oil-3,d&c red #17-3,d&c red #21-3,d&c red #30-3, d&c red #3-3,d&c red #36-3,decyl oleate-5,diisostearate-4,dioctyl succinate-3,disodium monooleamido peg-2,ethoxylated lanolin-3,ethylhexyl palmitate-4,glyceryl stearate se-3,glyceryl 3 diisostearate-4,hexadecyl alcohol-5,hydrogenated vegetable oil-3,isocetyl alcohol-4,isocetyl stearate-5,isodecyl oleate-4,isopropyl isostearate-5,isopropyl lanolate-4,isopropyl myristate-5,isopropyl palmitate-5, isostearyl isostearate-4 ,isostearyl neopentanoate -3,laureth 23 -3,laureth 4 -5,lauric acid -4,mink oil -3, myristic acid -3,myristyl lactate -4,myristyl myristate -5,octyl palmitate -4,octyl stearate -5,oleth 3 -5, oleyl alcohol -4,peg 16 lanolin -4,peg 200 dilaurate -3,peg 75 lanolin -3,peg 8 stearate -3,pg monostearate -3, polyglyceryl -3,potassium chloride-5,ppg-2 myristyl propionate -4,propylene glycol monostearate-4,red algae-5, sodium chloride-5,sodium laureth sulfate-4,sodium lauryl sulfate-5,solulan 16-4, sorbitan oleate-3,soybean oil-3,steareth 10-4,stearic acid tea-3,stearyl heptanoate-4,sulfated castor oil-3, slfosuccinate-4,wheat germ glyceride-3,wheat germ oil-5,xylene-4,talc-5,algae extract-5,carrageenan-5,chlorella-5,coconut oil-5,cocoa butter-5, kelp-5,lauric acid-5,shea butter-5, soybean oil-5,almond oil-3,apricot kernel oil-5,argan oil-5,avocado oil-4,cherry seed oil-5,corn oil-5,cotton seed oil-5,palm kernel oil-5,sesame oil-5,vitamin a palmitate-4,aloe butter-5,anise butter-5,meadowfoam butter-5,neroli butter-5,tocopherol-2,glyceryl stearate se-3, simmondsia chinensis seed oil-2,steareth-10-2,cetearyl Alcohol-2,ethylhexyl palmitate-5,acetylated ianolin-5,ascorbyl palmitate-2,isocetyl stearate-5,propylene glycol monostearate-4,lanolin alcohol-4,cetearyl alcohol-2,cocos nucifera oil-5,camomile-2,anthemis nobilis-2,matricaria chamomilla-2,anthemis mixta-2,chamaemelum nobile-2,chamomile-2,ormenis multicaulis-2,roman chamomile-2,tocopherol-2, vit e-2, vitamin e-2, α-tocopherol-2,alpha-tocopherol-2,magnesium stearate-1, stearic acid-2, methylisothiazolinone-5, methylchloroisothiazoline-5, mci-5,theobroma cacao seed butter-5,octyl palmitate-5, simmondsia chinensis seed oil-2, olive fruit oil-4, squalane-1, hydrogenated palm glycerides- 2, retinyl palmitate- irritant,ascorbyl palmitate-2,palm-4,myristyl lactate-4,beeswax-1,brown algae-4,c13 14 isoparaffin-4,capric acid-5,decyl oleate-4,dioctyl malate-2,green algae-4,hexylene glycol-1,hexyl laurate-5,irish moss-5,kelp-5,laminaria- 5,lanolin oil-5,myristic acid-5, oleth 3 phosphate-5,phytantriol-4,sea grass-5,sodium carbomer-2,sorbitan laurate-3,sorbitan isostearate-4,spirulina-5, stearic acid-5,sulfated jojoba oil-5,water soluable sulfur-2,jojoba wax-3,laureth-7-5,lauryl olivate-5,myristyl alcohol-5, chondrus crispus-5,coal tar-5,coconut alkines-5,coconut butter-5,cotton seed oil-5,polyglyceryl 3 diisostearate-5,sodium choride-3,seaweed-5,shark liver oil-5,solulan 16-5,lanolin-5,coconut oil-5, sodium chloride-1, Sodium Chloride-1, sodium alginate-4, Hydrogenated Castor Oil-2, hydrogenated castor oil-2,Acetylated Lanolin Alchohol-5, acetylated lanolin alcohol-5, Algin-5, algin-5, isopropyl isostearate-5, Isopropyl Isostearate-5, Isopropyl Linolate-5, isopropyl linolate-5, Isostearyl Isostearate-5, isostearyl isostearate-5, Isostearyl Neopentanoate-5, isostearyl neopentanoate-5, Laminaria-5, laminaria-5, Laneth-10-5, laneth-10-5, Myristyl Lactate-5, myristyl lactate-5, Myristyl Myristate-5, myristyl myristate-5, Sorbitan Oleate-5, sorbitan oleate-5,Stearic Acid-2, stearic acid-2, Triethanolamine-1, Triethanol Amine-1, triethanol amine-1, Retinol Palmitate-2, retinol palmitate-2, Avacado Butter-5, avacado butter-5, Babassu Butter-5, babassu butter-5, Brocolli Butter-5, brocolli butter-5, Capsicum Butter-5, capsicum butter-5, Carrot Butter-5, carrot butter-5, Chamomile Butter-5, chamomile butter-5, Cinnamon Butter-5, cinnamon butter-5, Coffee Butter-5, coffee butter-5, cranberry butter-5, Cranberry Butter-5, Cypress Butter-5, cypress butter-5, ginger butter-5, Ginger Butter-5, Grapeseed Butter-5, grapeseed butter-5, Green Tea Butter-5, green tea butter-5, Hemp Seed Butter-5, Hempseed Butter-5, hemp seed butter-5, Jasmine Butter-5, jasmine butter-5, Jojoba Butter-5, jojoba butter-5, Kokum Butter-5, kokum butter-5, Kukui Nut Butter-5, kukui nut butter-5, Lavender Butter-5, lavendar butter-5, Lemon Butter-5, lemon butter-5, Lemongrass Butter-5, lemongrass butter-5, Lime Butter-5, lime butter-5, Macadamia Nut Butter-5, macadamia nut butter-5, Mandarin Butter-5, mandarin butter-5, Mango Butter-5, mango butter-5, Marigold Butter-5, marigold butter-5, Neem Butter-5, neem butter-5, Olive Butter-5, olive butter-5, Orange Peel Butter-5, orange peel butter-5, Palm Oil Butter-5, palm oil butter-5, Rose Butter-5, rose butter-5, Rosehip Butter-5, rosehip butter-5, Rosemary Butter-5, rosemary butter-5, Sal Butter-5, sal butter-5, Sunflower Butter-5, sunflower butter-5, Sweet Almond Butter-5, sweet almond butter-5, Tamanu Butter-5, tamanu butter-5, Vitamin E Butter-5, vitamin E butter-5, Baobab Oil-5, baobab oil-5, Buriti Oil-4, buriti oil-4, Cheru Seed Oil-5, cheru seed oil-5, Grapeseed Oil-4, grapeseed oil-4, Evening Primrose Oil-4, evening primrose oil-4, Hazelnut Seed Oil-5, hazelnut seed oil-5, kapok Oil-5, Kasum Oil-5, kasum oil-5, Kukui Oil-5, kukui oil-5, Mahua Seed Oil-5, mahua seed oil-5, Marula Oil-5, marula oil-5, Mink Oil-5, mink oil-5, Nahor Seed Oil-4, nahor seed oil-4, Olive Oil-5, olive oil-5, Palash Oil-5, palash oil-5, Palm Oil-5, palm oil-5, Papaya Seed Oil-4, papaya seed oil-4, Peach Kernel Oil-4, peach kernel oil-4, Peanut Oil-5, peanut oil-5, Pilu Oil-5, pilu oil-5, Rice Bran Oil-5, rice bran oil-5, Sal Seed Oil-5, sal seed oil-5, Sweet Almond Oil-3, sweet almond oil-3, Tamanu Oil-4, tamanu oil-4, Ceteareth 20-2, Cetearyl Olivate-3,cetearyl olivate-3, Cetyl Acetate-3, cetyl acetate-3, Oleyl Alcohol-4, oleyl alcohol-4, Tribenhenin-4, tribenhenin-4, Sorbitan Olivate-3, sorbitan olivate-3, PEG 100 Distearate-4, PEG 200 Dilaurate-4, PED 150 Distearate-4, PG Monostearate-5, Polyglyceryl Diisostearte-5, Butyrospermum Parkii-5, Olea Europaea-5, butyrospernum parkii-5, olea europaea-5, Algas-5, Algue Rouge Marine-5, Carrageen-5, Carrageenin-5, Carragenano-5, Carragenina-5, Carragheenan-5, Carraghénane-5, Carraghénine-5, Chondrus crispus-5, Chondrus Extract-5, Euchema species-5, Extrait de Mousse d'Irlande-5, Galgarine-5, Gigartina chamissoi-5, Gigartina mamillosa-5, Gigartina skottsbergii-5, Irish Moss Algae-5, Irish Moss Extract-5, Mousse d'Irlande-5, Red Marine Algae-5, Irish Moss-5,Aceite de Coco, Acide Gras de Noix de Coco, Coconut Fatty Acid, Coconut Palm, Coco Palm, Coconut, Cocos nucifera, Cocotier, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil-5, Fermented Coconut Oil-5, Huile de Coco-5, Huile de Noix de Coco-5, Huile de Noix de Coco Pressée-5, Huile Vierge de Noix de Coco-5, Narikela-5, Noix de Coco-5, Palmier-5, Virgin Coconut Oil-5, magnesium silicate-5, Magnesium Silicate-5,  soapstone-5, Soapstone-5, Linseed Oil-5, Magnesium Stearate-5, Laminaria Digitata Extract-5, Laminaria Saccharina Extract-5,

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Potassium Chloride, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Wheat Germ Oil, Alginate (sodium alginate),

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A product that has a pore-clogging rating of 0 is widely believed to be non comedogenic and will not clog your pores.

A pore-clogging rating of 1 signifies a slight chance that it will clog your pores.

A pore-clogging rating of 2 tells you that it will not clog pores for MOST people, but some will begin to notice clogged pores or a “purge” in some cases.

A pore-clogging rating of 3 is where a lot of people will break out using this, but a lot of people may not break out depending on their skin type.

A pore-clogging rating of 4 suggests that MOST people will break out using this unless they have a good tolerance for it.

A pore-clogging rating of 5 is basically a guaranteed chance of breaking out.