Can LED light REALLY help me?

Yes, it can!…. you just need to know which light you need. This is why you have me. I will ask the pertinent questions to guide you and get you the best results.

Here’s the low down!


The panel I have has approximately 115 Blue light emitting diodes that emit energy in the blue portion (465 nanometers) of the visible light spectrum. Blue LED is FDA cleared to treat Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris.

P. acnes is the bacteria that causes acne, and it is known to produce a large amount of porphyrins within the bacterial cell. These porphyrins can be photosensitized with Blue LED to create an oxygen molecule. P. acnes is an anaerobic bacteria, which means it can not live in the presence of oxygen. So when P. acnes is in the presence of Blue LED these porphyrins create an oxygen molecule, which ends up killing the P. acnes bacteria.


The panel I use has approximately 115 Red light emitting diodes that emit energy in the red portion of the visible light spectrum (640 nanometers). Red LED penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, to a depth of 8 – 10 mm. Red LED is beneficial as anti-inflammatory, helps to build collagen, elastin fibers and fibroblasts. It is also recommended as a post-care treatment after chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microcurrent, facials, or alone for the collagen boosting benefits. The red LED is used for anti-aging for wrinkles, fine lines, and overall redness.



The panel I use has approximately 115 Infrared light emitting diodes that emit energy in the near infrared portion of the light spectrum (880 nanometers). Infrared is invisible to the naked eye, but if you look at the lit panel you will see 4 green LEDs on the 4 corners of the panel, indicating that it is working. You will feel warmth as well, and this does not occur with the Red or Blue.

Infrared LED penetrates deeper into the skin, to a depth of about 25 mm. Infrared is also beneficial in aiding the healing of wounds, cuts, scars and bruises along with stimulating the deeper tissues, resulting in a healing effect on muscles deep in the subcutaneous tissues.This setting is best for arthritis and bruises.