Acne Information


Acne Information

Saving Face SkinSpa and Acne Clinic provides education and treatments for retention hyperkeratosis, the disease commonly referred to as acne. Below you will find useful information related to the various types of acne-related issues many of our clients face. If you have any questions after reading the articles you are most interested in, you can contact us by calling 360-943-1700 or use the contact us page to send an email. Remember to bookmark any of your favorites, that you might want to revisit on a regular basis. (Example: Pore Clogging Ingredients).

What is Adult Acne?

More people are suffering from breakouts than ever before, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting this March.  Even though over 50% of adults continue to get acne well into adulthood, if you are over 18 and have acne, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one.  It’s mortifying […]

Does Proactiv Work?

We must be asked at least once a day about Proactiv and all of its copycats. What I respond with is, “well, it’s a good start.” There is good science behind Proactiv and that is why it works for some people. But for the rest of you, have you noticed that it stops working after about […]

Zeno and other Heat Devices

Heat devices for acne: A lot of hot air The concept of skin care devices is an appealing one. It seems that surely, with today’s technology, there should be a way to get rid of acne pimples fast. Skin care appliances such as Zeno Hot Spot, Thermaclear, and Claro claim to blast acne bacteria with […]

The Power of Benzoyl Peroxide

We utilize potent products in our system of acne management. Of these, benzoyl peroxide is a particularly powerful fighter in the battle against blemishes. Benzoyl peroxide, or BPO as it’s also known, is an ingredient that’s been around since the seventies as a topical acne treatment, and for good reason: it works. Wondering how it […]

The Best Acne Products

Best Acne Products What makes acne products effective? They need to: Penetrate the inside of the pore – stopping acne where it starts. Help to keep the pore clear of dead skin cells. Kill bacteria inside the pore. Be noncomedogenic (non pore-clogging) so as to not make your acne worse. We have found that acne products […]

Home Remedies for Acne

Acne Home Remedies Not all home acne remedies are bad, indeed some can even alleviate irritation or inflammation, but the only thing that will get you clear is a managed home care routine that works to prevent the acne cycle from starting in the first place. This includes daily use of exfoliants and anti-bacterial ingredients […]

Popping Pimples

Popping pimples seems like a good idea at the time. It’s quick, it’s satisfying, and it leaves you with a smooth surface. Problem solved, right? It might seem like it, but every day our acne specialists see the fallout from acne that’s been overzealously picked and popped. Most commonly, popping pimples will leave you with […]

Pore Clogging Ingredients

Pore Clogging Ingredients in Skin Care Do not ever put anything on your skin or your hair without checking the ingredients first, even if it says “won’t clog pores” or “noncomedogenic” on the bottle. No government agency oversees this so skincare companies can claim their products promote clear skin and have pore cloggers in their ingredient […]

It’s not the chocolate!

It’s Not the Chocolate or the Greasy Fries It’s the salt on those fries. Yes, it is salty foods and food high in iodides that are the culprit in making acne worse. Below is a list of foods typically high in iodides. We tell people to not go crazy around eliminating these foods, just be […]