Acne Clients Only


“Acne Clients Only”

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” May all who enter as guests, leave as friends”

Hello My Friend,

Below you will find every form that we went over at your 1st meeting with me. These forms might have been updated since you began, so it is important to check back often for any changes/updates. I am always learning new things and this is where I will update first!

Tips For Success– words of advice from clients that have completed the acne program and remain clear.

“I would always do my nightly routine as soon as I got home from work/gym/dinner, I found that at night if I waited until right before bed it felt more time consuming and I had less desire to do it, but if I completed my routine as soon as I got home it was out of the way and I didn’t have to think about it later.  * Do Exactly What Wendy Tells You! I cannot believe how fast my skin cleared and now how easy it’s been to keep it clear, but I have done EVERYTHING Wendy has told me to do (religiously)”. NB

” I used to like to pick at my skin when I looked in the mirror in the bathroom. So when I started Wendy’s program I lined all my products up, and wanted to do everything she said. So I asked my Dad to install a dimmer in the bathroom. So I turned the lights down really low, so all I could do when washing my face was to do my routine, and feel my skin. I couldn’t see well enough to want to pick.” AJ

“Seeing Wendy was the best decision that I have made!  One piece of advice would be to keep all your products organized.  It might seem overwhelming at first but it gets easier.  I put my products in the order that I use them in.  It really helps!  Another piece of advice would be to stay positive.  It can seem like a long process at times but each day your skin looks better and better.  It will get worse before it gets better.  If you run into any questions or concerns along the way, don’t be afraid to text or email Wendy.  She is always there for you.  I don’t trust anybody else with my skin besides Wendy.  She is honestly never wrong.  I am beyond thankful for all that Wendy has done for me.  She has made me feel so much more confident in myself.  She has taught me so much about my skin and I will never forget the feeling I got when my acne was finally clear.” MP

” The first two weeks while getting adjusted were tough, but so worth it. Do your routine early in the evening during those first two weeks, it will be easiest. After that Wendy’s routine is SUPER EASY to follow. My skin has never felt and looked so great. I can’t believe I battled acne as long as I had. I only wish I had found her sooner. If you do everything as she tells you, you will get clear skin fast. She got my skin clear, then we got rid of my acne scarring with microneedling. She is amazing with skin” BN

 I have these two sweet young clients that both see me, they are lifelong best friends. When the 2nd friend started, she told me what her friend had done with her routine. She said that when she went over to her house and went into the bathroom, she saw all this writing on the mirror. She asked her what it was, and she told her it was her skincare routine!  She had taken her first 2 week schedule and put it in chalk marker/ dry erase! I thought that was such a brilliant idea. When I asked the original client at her next appointment to send me a photo of it, she said she had her routine down and didn’t need it anymore so she erased it already. I told her I thought it was so creative and has to be shared,  so this is the perfect place to do that!  Inspiration for the rest of us….~ Wendy